Yesterday we posted that Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira may have a pre-contract with Bayern Munich for next season. Plus it was added that Real Madrid was not too happy with the behaviour of their player & will not offer a new contract even if Khedira went back with his apparent desire to stay in Spanish Football.

Real Madrid target 2015

Real Madrid already has a replacement in mind, French International & Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba. Validated by his play, plus through Real Madrid friends & National side team-mates Varane & Benzema, the Juventus player is a long time desire of the Spanish Football Club

The transfer operation will not be easy & the market transfer price could be extremely high, but Real Madrid has always focused on the "best players" available in World Football. Paul Pogba is young & has all the qualities to be bigger & better, Real Madrid has known this for sometime & wish to get him over to their squad.

Stay tuned!


Real Madrid & German International midfielder Sami Khedira becomes a free-agent as of the 1st of January, that is, the player can negotiate with any Club & leave free of a transfer fee at the end of the season. The German ends his contract with Real Madrid the 30th of June 2015 & has not renewed with the Club, in fact, Khedira has knocked back offers from Real Madrid all last season.


Spanish radio has commented that the midfielder has a "pre-agreement"/ pre-contract with Bayern Munich. The German Football giant are willing to pay Sami Khedira a more attractive contract now that the player can go over without a transfer. 

The injury of Real Madrid Croatian midfielder Modric - out for 8 weeks - has given back a protagonist role to Khedira. The player will have more playing time & Khedira himself has hinted that perhaps he should stay at Real Madrid. However, Real Madrid is reported to be "disgruntled" with the players early negative responses to their contract renewal offers & more so with his apparent "pre-contract" with Bayern Munich.

There is a list of ex-Real Madrid players who decided to risk & play "poker" with the Spanish Football Club that have lost professionally speaking: Higuain, Ozil, Di Maria etc. Sami Khedira may be regretting his strategy, but it may be too late to consider staying on at the biggest Club in World Football.


Alarm bells at FC Barcelona. The front cover of Spanish Sports paper "Sport" reflects it with the headline "Messi Worries". The Argentine opened the doors to a possible exit from FC Barcelona with comments in an interview to Argentine press. When asked about his future, Lionel Messi was "vague" & acknowledged that no one knows their future. A different tone to the past were his statements were more solid, convincing & left no doubt, plus it is a known strategy to voice different opinions outside Spain using overseas press as "speakers" for internal messages. 

However, this is not new. Many Football observers seriously believed that Messi would leave Barça last summer. In fact, the reason for not doing so is said to be his high transfer fee, & in the case of suspected 1º candidate, Paris St Germain, the limits imposed by UEFA on Club spending with privately owned  Clubs. 

The reasons for Messi considering his exit are many, intertwined & also outside of the Sport sphere. Here is a list of talked about reasons , not in order of importance:

  • Messi knows there are Club Directives that want to cash in with his transfer. Some feel his "cycle" at Barça is coming to an end & now his market value is optimal,
  • Messi thus feels, he is not appreciated at the Club,
  • Not the main protagonist any more, not the nº1 star,
  • Neymar is seen as the future star, the shadow of the Brazilian is hoovering, & his salary has also opened some jealous wounds, 
  • New Coach Luis Enrique is not to his liking, as he plays out of his "normal position", the false centre forward. He prefers to have Xavi playing to serve him balls/passes, but Xavi is now more a "bench warmer", 
  • Messi is tiring from the non-stop media surveillance, where his every move & mistakes are heavy criticised  & debated, 
Lastly there is another serious reason that is troubling Messi. His problems with the Spanish Tax Authorities many take him to court & sit in front of a judge. This scenario & real possibly is a nightmare for Messi as it will harm his reputation & image. The player wants to avoid this at all costs & could be "the" main reason to leave Spain & FC Barcelona. 

In conclusion, his press comments are a call for help? A threat ? Or the beginning of a strategic plan to smooth his exit for next season? Stay tuned...!


Lots of hype before the match between Spain & Germany, but the end result was somewhat disappointing. The final result 0 - 1 to Germany with a late goal from Toni Kroos (88th min) that included a mistake from substitute goalie Casilla. The terrible weather conditions & wet turf did not help & Spain may well feel they were unlucky.

The Germans went in with only 4 "regular" names, while Spain gave some playing time to the players which normally sit it out. This & the terrible wet conditions took the glitz & "interest" out of the night. 

The starting 11 for both sides:

Spain - Casillas; Azpilicueta, Pique, Ramos, Bernat; Raul Garcia, Bruno, Busquets, Isco; Morata & Nolito.

Germany - Zieler; Höwedes, Mustafi, Rüdiger; Rudy, Khedira, Kroos, Durm; Müller, Götze & Volland

Spain vs Germany 2014

Overall very equal game with perhaps Spain with more goal opportunities, especially in the 2º half, were they failed to convert their chances & paid for it with the final result. Names to mention for Spain are Isco who is on a "roll" & Nolito who debuted in front of his home crowd & was enthusiastic-dangerous. Camacho, Casilla & Callejon got on in the 2º half & won their first Senior International Cap.

Conclusion, excessive prize for Germany as a draw would have been the more just result. But Spain sinned in not taking their chances.


Tonight in the Spanish City of Vigo, Spain meets the current FIFA World Champions Germany in an International Friendly. Top match beforehand even though the Germans visit with plenty of the players that won Argentina in the World Cup Final in Brazil out with "injury".  The Spaniards themselves are undergoing a "smooth revolution" with Coach Del Bosque injecting new blood to replace what many Football observers claim is irreplaceable: Xavi, Xabi Alonso, David Villa & Carles Puyol. 

Thought that the reminder of tonights game was a great excuse for a Spanish Football Flashback moment & relive on video when Spain defeated Germany 1 - 0 in the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The Spanish team then went on to win the World title, & the below moment, the Carles Puyol winning header goal is now a Historical moment & a visual experience of Spain at its optimal level as a squad & as a team.

Watching this still sparks off all the emotions. 

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