The Spanish National U-21 Football squad began its road towards the Euro 2017 finals defeating 0 - 2 Estonia in their Group 6 match. The current European U-21 Champions had to work hard & contain their frustration & stress due the pressure applied by Estonia to win tonight. The Spaniards shot 18 times at goal but only converted twice - one a penalty - due to the defensive set up of the home team.

Spain needed Everton player Deulofeu to break the stalemates, firstly setting up Gaya for him to score Spains first goal & then himself converting a last minute penalty. 

Spain joins Georgia with 3 points at the top of the Group ladder after the latter won its match San Marino. 

Spain U-21

Classification for Euro 2017 U-21, match details:

Tamme; Ojamma, Vihmann, Avilov, Aloe; Marin (5) (min. 84 Ainsalu), Liivak, Sappinen, Slein (min. 84 Käit); Gusev &; Kirss

SPAIN - 2:
Kepa; Bellerin, Jonny, Duarte, Gayá; Saul; Oliver, Ceballos (min. 61 Ceballos); Deulofeu ( min. 90 Jose Rodriguez, Munir & Denis Suurez.

0-1 Gaya min 81 & 0-2 Deulofeu 90 penalty.


The Spanish (& World) Football media are still baffled & some laughing at the David De Gea - Keylar Navas transfer mix up or "fu*k ups". The reality is that today with the "Transfer Market" shut, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is still a United player because Real Madrid failed to send the "transfer documents" to the Spanish Liga HQ (LFP) before the midnight deadline. 

Transfer mix-up 2015

Here begins the song & dance between all the parts:
  • The LFP claims the documents arrived at 00.28 (28 minutes late),
  • Real Madrid claims Manchester United sent the documents just before the 00.00 deadline (23.59!!!!) ,
  • Thus observers comment that the delay was because Manchester United sent the documents to Real Madrid so close to the deadline time, not giving Real Madrid lawyers enough time to go over things (clauses).
Real Madrid will now present their case to FIFA claiming that they "arrived" in time. Thus we all,  & De Gea, will have to wait the outcome. But it will be a difficult case to win & it looks as if De Gea will not play in Real Madrid this season.

The real tragedy is how the Spanish Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has been played for months, mainly by his Coach Van Gaal. All this would have been avoided had Van Gaal facilitated the exit of De Gea earlier, instead of playing mind games & distorting realities within his fan base. The Manchester United Coach will now have to explain to Manchester United Club owners & shareholders how the lost 30,000,000 € in transfer fee income, as De Gea will become a free agent as of the 1st of January 2016. That is, David De Gea will be able to go to Real Madrid free next season.
Lastly, Real Madrid do not get off free from criticism as they too have played & messed around with Keylor Navas.

A poor & tragic example of how two Clubs - Manchester United & Real Madrid - which claim to be the biggest in World Football can express complete incompetence & in the process sink emotionally a Football player. Which adds to what is obvious to us observers, Football players are "meat" in the Football meat market.

We will now see how Manchester United Coach Van Gaal reacts after losing 30M€ & if he takes his embarrassment out on De Gea. Plus if De Gea can lift emotionally & take this punch well to perform again with United as the professional that he is & let run this season out.

Stay tuned!


With only hours available before the "Transfer Market" shuts at midnight, Spanish Football Club Real Madrid is close to shutting a transfer deal with Manchester United for their Spanish International goalkeeper David De Gea

Latest from local media is that a deal has been struck between Clubs with some details still to be tied. The transfer price is speculated to be around 30M€, while current Real Madrid goalie Keylor Navas enters the operation (valued at around 12-15€) to substitute De Gea at Manchester United.

Real Madrid 2015

The initial problem was that Keylor Navas did not wish to move & go to United. However, the English Club has offered to double his salary (to around 5-6M€) & basically assure him a starting place on the team. This has apparently soften up Navas & his position to finally accept the change of Clubs. Navas knows that there is no room for him & De Gea competing for the one goalkeeper position, & that the arrival of De Gea would lead him to spend bench time, something Navas wishes to avoid at all costs.

From a personal view, the best option would have been to wait a further year to have De Gea arrive to Real Madrid free of transfer fee, however Real Madrid gave De Gea their word for this season & the Club wishes to keep it. The problem is De Gea comes terribly below form & will need time to adapt, added with the huge pressure on the young mans shoulders to live up to the expectations. Keylor Navas has left a good impression at the Club & with fans & his shoes will be hard to fill initially.

It is expected an official Clubs announcement in coming hours. Better to read that it is all official as anything can still happen. Stay tuned!

Latest : As warned above the De Gea - Navas transfer made an unexpected turn late tonight. Due to the late arrival of the transfer documentation of both Clubs at the Spanish Liga Headquarters, the De Gea operation (for now... barring UEFA-FIFA intervention) WILL NOT GO THROUGH. Said differently, the needed documentation arrived pass the 00.00 deadline thus keeping DE GEA at Manchester United & Keylor Navas at Real Madrid. Comical or tragic there has been a mix-up, or not, with the whole operation.

Therefore, De Gea - if nothing changes - will stay one more season at Manchester United & arrive FREE next season to Real Madrid. Thanks to Van Gaal Manchester United has lost out on 30M€ which will possibly make shareholders at the Club somewhat angry. Manchester United claim they sent documentation to Madrid before the 00.00 deadline & that Real Madrid failed to place papers at Liga HQ before 00.00

More details in coming days.


Spanish Liga Round 2 continued today with the scheduled Sunday matches. Here are all the final results along with all the goalscorers.

Spanish Liga 2015-2016

Relative surprise result at Eibar which defeated Athletic Club Bilbao 2 - 0. Excellent effort from the home team which went ahead early when Bilbao defender Laporte fouled Enrich in the goal square. The consequent penalty was transformed by Berjon in the 33rd min. The second goal came in the 61st min through Adrian Gonzalez.

Other "related" news is that Athletic Club & Atletico de Madrid are negotiating the transfer of the latter midfield player Raul Garcia.

La Liga Spain Soccer 2015-2016

Deportivo A Coruña travelled to Valencia CF to leave with a deserved 1 - 1 result. A very serious Deportivo team which was tactically well placed & spirited. They went ahead first in the 39th min through Lucas Perez, but Negredo managed to score for Valencia & draw in the 45th min. 

Thereafter, punch for punch with chances created by both sides but neither being able to pull off a final knock-out punch. Shared points!

Spain Soccer Liga

Sevilla FC hosted Atletico de Madrid & was harshly punished with a 0 - 3 loss. The result does not transmit the brave & enormous physical effort in the 2º half that Sevilla put in trying to find the equalizer. Atletico was under siege most of the 2º half but managed to hold out Sevilla, in itself a merit to be mentioned.

The first half was for Atletico de Madrid which eventually took over, controlled & scored through Koke in the 35th min. However as mentioned, the 2º half was another story & Sevilla FC deserved at least the draw. But during a late change Jackson Martinez for Torres, Atletico Captain Gabi shot & got a deflection to score in the 79th min. Mayor moral blow for Sevilla which was later punished again by a third goal in the 84th min when Jackson Martinez scored a superb goal from outside the box.

Win to the visitors & the 3 points to Atletico.  Sevilla tonight felt how Football can be cruel sometimes.

Las Palmas 0 - Levante 0

Getafe 1 (Latifa 80m)  - Granada 2 (El-Arabi 27m Success 29m)


Spanish Football action this weekend with Round 2 of La Liga matches. Here are all the Saturday games final results along with all the goalscorers.

Villarreal CF

The Round 2 opener was the Friday Night match between Villarreal & RCD Espanyol. The final result & the 3 points went to the home side 3 - 1 with a 2º half comeback with new signing Roberto Soldado starring.

Espanyol got ahead first with an early 4th min goal from Caicedo. However, Villarreal took advantage of the lack of finishing endeavour from the visitors & slowly pulled their game back together. In the 66th min Roberto Soldado pulled a quick shot out of the bag to score & lifted moral. Later in the 86th min Soldado passed to Bakambu who equalized, to later score again with the winner in the 93rd min. Two vital goals from Bakambu & inspirational Soldado for Villarreal. 

La Liga 2015-2016

Real Sociedad hosted this afternoon Real Sporting de Gijon with the home team putting from the start returning "home" midfielder Asier Illaramendi from Real Madrid. The final result a 0 - 0 draw in a game that saw both teams work hard but create very little goal opportunities.

Spanish Football La Liga 2015-2016

FC Barcelona hosted Malaga FC with Brazilian star Neymar back after sickness to boost the forward line. The final result was a worked 1 - 0 victory for Barça with a 74th min goal by defender Vermaelen after he hooked onto a loose ball that Malaga goalie Kameni could not hold from a Suarez shot.

Malaga stood firm all match & neutralized the Barça efforts at goal. However, the continuous advances by Barça finally managed to crack the Malaga tactical stance for the 3 points.

La Liga 2015

Celta de Vigo defeated Madrid club Rayo Vallecano 3 - 0 with the latter down to 10 men from the 9th min. From that red card given to Rayo goalie Toño came the first of two goals from Celta forward Nolito in the 11th min. The second goal from Nolito came in the 50th minute & Celta managed to control the match till the end even scoring a third goal through Fontas in the 90th min.

spanish liga 2015

Real Madrid defeated Real Betis 5 - 0 & left aside the debate about the teams lack of goals this season. James Rodriguez & Benzema started from the beginning & both gave the team more flow & punch upfront & were protagonists. Gareth Bale was also active & was also under the spotlight himself scoring, while Cristiano Ronaldo still was unlucky facing goal even though he had plenty of chances. Lastly, Keylor Navas sent a message over to Directives as he put in a great match, including stopping a 2º half penalty!

The goalscorers were:
  • Gareth Bale (header) 2nd min
  • James Rodriguez (free-kick) 38th min
  • Karim Benzema (header) 47th min
  • James Rodriguez (overhead) 49th min
  • Gareth Bale (outside the box - 20 mts - shot) 88th min
Sergio Ramos hit the post with an overhead 76th min!

Good performance overall by Real Madrid which looks like getting the pieces back in order.

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