The two remaining Spanish Football Teams with Champions League Group games were in action tonight with the following final results and goalscorers.

Goal Champions League

Real Madrid hosted Germans Borussia Dortmund and finished their game in a 2 - 2 draw. Top Group spot goes to Dortmund which managed to come from behind to equalize the encounter. News for Madrid was the start of James Rodriguez, who later showed some good Football & a pass that was converted into goal.

Real Madrid had a great first 30 mins & then never again controlled fully the match to seal the encounter and give the Germans the final knock out. Borussia grew in confidence & created numerous chances including a free-kick that Navas miraculously saved.

While Real Madrid was up 2 - 0 by the 53rd min:

  • Benzema 28th min
  • Benzema 53rd min
Dortmund began its comeback with goals from
  • Aubameyang 60th min
  • Reus 83rd min.
Real Madrid had their own goal opportunities as well before the final whistle, notably Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the post, but failed overall to finish the final pass into goal and paid for not doing so. Names to mention of Real Madrid are Benzema with his goals, Carvajal and Rafael Varane.

Bitter-sweet finish for Real Madrid which perhaps expected more but have themselves to blame, while the Germans put in a grand performance & deserved their result. 

Champions League

Sevilla FC travelled to Lyon needing a draw to stay in Champions League. The final result 0 - 0 draw achieved the objective although Lyon put in a better game. Gritty stuff from the Spaniards which had flashes of brilliance, including claiming a penalty on Vitolo not called.

Lyon however put forward the Football & deserved a better result, but they are the Team that leaves Champions League behind.


UEFA Champions League games tonight with two of the four Spanish Football Clubs in Group action. Here are the final results from corresponding encounters along with the goalscorers.

FC Barcelona in Champions League - HAT TRICK

FC Bareclona travelled to Germany to meet Borussia Monchengladbach. The trip was productive winning 0 - 4 & cementing the top position of Group B. Shot in the arm result for Barça after receiving criticism after their last match against Real Madrid in LaLiga, especially Turkish International Arda Turan. The Turk has been in the spotlight for his poor form, attributed by the "bad tongues" to his nocturnal activities.

Tonight Arda Turan shut the bad mouths with a HAT-TRICK. Earlier in the 1º half Messi put Barça ahead in the 17th min.

Germans were out played with the second half uphill for them with an inspired Barça lead by Arda in full motion. The goals fell in the following manner:

  • Messi 17th min
  • Arda Turan 50th min 
  • Arda Turan 53rd min
  • Arda Turan 66th min  

Champions League

Atletico de Madrid lost 0 - 1 away to Bayern Munich, but still manages to take top spot of Group D. Deserved victory from the Germans who were comfortable the entire game & offered the Football. The winning goal came in the 28th min after Lewandowski executed the perfect free-kick. Unstoppable for Atletico goalie Oblak as it raced into the net with pin-point precision.

Atletico de Madrid did have very clear goal opportunities but missed finding goalie Neuer everytime. Bayern Munich will be disappointed somewhat as they played at a level that perhaps should have prized the team with a goal or two more. 

Tomorrow the two remaining Spanish Football Clubs, Real Madrid and Sevilla FC have their Group games.


France Football publish a study that indicates the current market value of the top Football players in the World. Six players in the Top 7 play in  LaLiga Spanish Football LeagueReal Madrid has the most players on this list with 8 names.

Neymar tops the list with 250M€, although from my point of view, overly exaggerated. The youth & potential progression elements obviously play a part in the final equation.

Spanish Football - LaLiga

The most valuable Football-Soccer Players on the market:

Ranking: Name: Club: Market Value*

1 Neymar FC Barcelona 250M€
2 Lionel Messi FC Barcelona 190
3 Antoine Griezmann Atletico de Madrid 135
4 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 130
5 Pogba Manchester United 125
6 Garteh Bale Real Madrid 110
7 Luis Suarez FC Barcelona 95
8 Sergio Agüero Manchester City 88
9 Gonzalo Higuaín Juventus FC 85
10 Müller Bayern 82
19 Toni Kroos Real Madrid 62
21 Alvaro Morata Real Madrid 60
Sergi Busquets Barcelona 60
24 David De Gea Manchester United 58
25 Koke Atletico de Madrid 56
30 Diego Costa Chelsea 50
Rakitic Barcelona 50
Raphael Varane Real Madrid 50
37 Isco Real Madrid 49
James Rodriguez Real Madrid 49
39 Laporte Athletic Club Bilbao 48
43 Karim Benzema Real Madrid 45

*Millions of euros.
Source: France Football CIES Football Observatory.

France Football alos puts forward a "ROBOT TEAM LINE-UP" made up of the best promises & current hottest players. The value is an astonishing 1.1 Billion Euros, with: 

David De Gea (58M€); Marquinhos (47), Bonucci (50), Varane (50), Laporte (48); Verratti (72), Coutinho (75), Pogba (125); Messi (190), Griezmann (135) & Neymar (250).

Got the money?


Spanish Football action back today with Round 14 Liga matches. The game that eclipsed all games was the "clasico" between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. We will be giving more space on the post to this encounter between the two best Clubs in World Football. Apart you can see below the final results of today´s other matches along with the goalscorers.

FC Barcelona - Real Madrid

FC Barcelona hosted Real Madrid with a must win objective if they were not to allow the visitors a possible 9 point gap on the Liga classification table. The final result a 1 - 1 draw which keeps things as they were before "el clasico", with a six point difference between both on the Liga table with Real Madrid on top.

A game that went to Real Madrid the first half & to Barça the second half. The added note was that once again Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos did his heroic piece & headed the equalizer in the 90th min to save the match for his team.

Earlier in the 52nd min Luis Suarez managed to put Barça ahead with a header from a Neymar free.kick. 

The game was intense with lots of fouls and controversial referee decisions throughout the entire match. Possible penalties due to hand ball to both sides were not called, & some fouls perhaps deserved more sanction. Keeping apart these elements the match was also notable due the absence from the big stars. Messi was average for his team, while Cristiano Ronaldo intermittent and out of touch. Karim Benzema was "totally out" & zero effective, while Neymar, allow playing a part in the first goal, inaccurate & more on the floor than on his feet. Good match from Real Madrid defender Varane ( except the 1º Barça goal), Modric as always & Lucas Vazquez who sacrificed himself for Real Madrid. For Barça Sergi Busquets was outstanding, show again that in his position he is Best, Pique was good while Iniesta impressed in the 2º half.

The good news for FC Barcelona was indeed the return of Captain Andres Iniesta in the second half and to which he contributed positively to the good Barça play. The other side of the coin was James Rodriguez who once again did not get a run & was surpassed by Casemiro, Asensio & young Mariano, the three substitutes. Clear message that the Colombian is not an important piece in this Real Madrid team which now has 34 straight games without defeat. 

Conclusion: a typical Barça-Real Madrid game which was intense & physical. Barcelona is showing signs of losing its "total domination" aspect to their Football & maybe are on a slow slide to "normality", while Real Madrid had to do its usual heroics to comeback & save the day. In the end this draw result was more a victory for Real Madrid which saves points & even take one back to Madrid. 

Other Liga results:
  • Granada 2 (Andreas, Lomban) - Sevilla FC 1 (Ben Yedder)
Sevilla FC misses a golden chance to cut the points gap with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona on the classification table.
  • Leganes 0 - Villarreal 0
Surprise result for Villarreal which is losing steam after a great early start to the season.
  • Atletico de Madrid 0 - RCD Espanyol 0


These three players are the finalists for the FIFA FOOTBALL AWARDS 2016 , otherwise better known for as the "FIFA Golden Ball". Although the changes introduced by the FIFA & France Football call it "THE BEST"...very marketing.

FIFA Golden Ball Award 2016

Final three Candidates:
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid CF)
  • Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
  • Antoine Griezmann (Atletico de Madrid)
All three players of LA LIGA, the premier league of Spanish Football.

Favourite is Cristiano Ronaldo, although surprises are possibe with Messi close, Griezmann must probably third placed.

And the winner is ...?

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